You Tube Wale Baba Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Career, Bio, Income and more

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You Tube Wale Baba’s real name is Anshu Maurya. He is a popular youtuber, apart from this he keeps uploading his videos on facebook as well. You Tube Wale Baba currently keeps making most of the videos related to online earning on his youtube channel.

You Tube Wale Baba Net Worth , You Tube Wale Baba
You Tube Wale Baba Net Worth

We will give you whenever necessary information related to YouTube Wale Baba i.e. Anshu Maurya like YouTube Wale Baba Net Worth, Bio, Career etc in this entire article. So stay till the end.

You Tube Wale Baba Net Worth

YouTuber Baba often makes videos related to YouTube’s earnings in his videos, due to which his fans want to know about his net worth and earnings. So let us tell you that You Tube Wale Baba’s net worth is around Rs 10 crore. However, his net worth may increase or decrease over time. In one of his YouTube videos, he told that the monthly earning from his YouTube channel is Rs 5 lakh. However, his main source of earning is Google Adsense as well as sponsorship, affiliate and social media etc.

Name Anshu Maurya
Net Worth(Indian rupees) Approx 10 Crore Rupees
Monthly Earning 5 Lakh +
Gender Male
profession Youtuber
Weight Approx 70
Nationality Indian

Anshu Maurya You Tube Earning

Anshu Maurya Earning
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As you can see in this image, You Tube Wale Baba i.e. Anshu Maurya earns $1000 to $25000 every month from his YouTube channel, however, in this article we have told you the monthly income of Anshu Maurya is about 5 Lakh.

You Tube Wale Baba Biography

Youtube wale baba , Anshu Maurya , Tech champion support
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YouTube Baba i.e. Anshu Maurya was born in a small village in Fatepur district of Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state. In his family his mother was a housewife and his father was a farmer. Initially, his financial condition was not good, but despite all this, YouTube Baba’s father allowed him to complete his B.Tech studies.

After which he got a job where he got 12-13 thousand rupees every month, but along with the job, Anshu Maurya started YouTube by watching a video on YouTube, although initially he faced some difficulty in understanding the mess. But today Anshu Maurya is famous as YouTube Wale Baba.

The number of his subscribers on YouTube is increasing due to which his popularity is increasing, along with this he has also made a good hold on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Name Anshu Maurya
Name Anshu Maurya
Birth Place Fatepur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Gender Male
Weight Approx 70 Kg
Nationality Indian

You Tube Wale Baba Career

YouTube wale baba started his career with a small job after completing his college studies, but Anshu Maurya was not happy with his work as he was not earning well from this job, after which youtube wale baba Impressed by the video, he started his own YouTube channel.

On which he used to upload his videos, with his hard work he earned $100 Adsense in 3 months, after which he started uploading even more good videos, after which there were about 24 lakh subscribers on his channel.

But after YouTube’s new guideline, his YouTube channel got closed for some reason but he did not give up and once again started a new YouTube channel, his current YouTube channel name is “Tech Champion Support” which has about 8 lakh subscribers. And their number is increasing.

On this channel, Anshu Maurya keeps telling how to earn money by using YouTube and internet properly, which his subscribers also like a lot.

All in all, YouTube Wale Baba is a talented YouTuber, who once a laggard on YouTube, jumped on the scene and garnered millions of subscribers, inspiring many Indians.

Anshu Maurya Youtube Channel Name

Social Media Account


You Tube Wale Baba (Anshu Maurya) is an inspirational person who has overcome financial challenges to achieve success through his dedication and passion towards youtube and has become a successful and popular youtuber.

We have full hope that you have got all the necessary information related to YouTube Wale Baba in this entire article like YouTube Wale Baba Net Worth, Bio, Career, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anshu Maurya’s YouTube name is

  1. 1. Tech champion Support
  2. 2. Anshu Maurya


Ans: Youtube Wale Baba’s total net worth is more than 10 crores.

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