Two Sisters Earned Rs 10 crore in 1 year from biryani business, know how

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Biryani is an Indian food which is loved by everyone across the country. It considers Indians as its friends. People now prefer to eat biryani with different types of preparations which they cannot make at home. In this period, two sisters have shown their ability in the field of biryani. RNR Donne Biryani, Ramya and Shweta started it in November 2020, after which they earned Rs 10 crore from the Biryani business in just 1 year.

Start of Business

Ramya and Shweta both started their business when the country was overwhelmed by the lockdown by the government. Nonetheless, due to their business reasons, they were compelled to focus on the new times. Up to this day, they have earned quite a name from their great grandmother’s recipe.

Packaging and Marketing Methods

For the success of the business, Ramya and Shweta have easily paid for the biryani packaging. They have packed the biryani in steel boxes and it is packaged in a different and attractive way. Due to which it has remained in the news for a long time, customers like it a lot as soon as they see it. That’s why people remember the marketing and packaging of their biryani.

Is Biryani Business Profitable in India?

Ramya and Shweta have proven themselves in this endeavor that this biryani business is highly profitable. He also earns a profit of between Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 per month. This is the most profitable business in the field of food industry. Hence the venture undertaken by Ramya and Shweta is successful.

Potential of biryani business

Biryani Business Potential in India: Biryani Business Potential in India is very high. Yes, you must have seen such small and big biryani stalls in every city of India, which earn Rs 30,000 to 50,000 every month. Biryani business is the only industry in the food business which can prove to be the most profitable.

Which and how to start your business?

It is necessary to implement several startups to understand the business map well before starting the business. In the case where you want to start your own business, you have to be careful about your interest in this field, as well as how much people are in demand for it. High interest and margin knowledge must be present to increase understanding of a business idea.

Which will be the best business with less investment?

Starting a business requires less investment and there is no hassle in it. If you are thinking of running a profitable small business, food business is one of the most excellent ideas. Nowadays, fast food business is very much discussed in India and it is a business in which investment is less and profits are earned quickly.

With time, the Indian food industry is maintaining positivity. Biryani business is a special potential activity in Indian food franchise. If you want to start a regular business with the minimum possible investment, the complete selection of Biryani Market can also be useful for you. Apart from this, in food, there are low cost businesses like – Biryani Business, Golgappa, Fast Food, Sabzi Kachori, Vadapav, Idli Dosa etc.


The success story of RNR Donny Biryani, founded by sisters Ramya and Shweta, shows that there is a lot of potential and money in the biryani business in India. Even when things were tough in the beginning, the sisters’ emphasis on quality, packaging and advertising led them to success and they earned Rs 10 crore in just one year. This showed that we can expand our big business even through various types of small Indian food business.

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