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Pragathi Mahavadi is a Telugu film actress. Who lost his father at an early age and only his mother was there to run his household. To help his mother, he initially supported his mother by lending his voice for cartoon characters. After which Pragati Mahavadi settled in Chennai and started playing supporting roles in films.

Pragathi Mahavadi Net Worth , Pragathi Mahavadi
Pragathi Mahavadi Net Worth

Pragathi Mahavadi’s life went through very difficult situations in her childhood but with time Pragathi Mahavadi moved forward due to which today Pragathi Mahavadi stands as an actress. In this entire article, we will tell you in detail about all the important information related to Pragathi Mahavadi like Pragathi Mahavadi Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Income etc. So stay tuned till the end.

Pragathi Mahavadi Net Worth

According to the information, Pragathi Mahavadi net worth is around $2 million. Which is equal to 14 crore rupees in Indian rupees. However, their earnings fluctuate with time. If we talk about their monthly income, it is more than about 1 to 2 lakh rupees. Pragathi’s main source of income comes from acting and social media.

Net Worth $2 Million
Monthly Income 1 – 2 Lakh Rupees
Yearly Income 24 Lakh Rupees
Income Source Acting , Social Media

Pragathi Mahavadi Biography

Pragathi Mahavadi Bio
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Pragathi Mahavadi was born on 17 March 1976 in Ulvapadu, Ongole, Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh. Now his age is 47 years. Pragati’s childhood was spent in difficulty because her father’s shadow overshadowed Pragati in her childhood itself. Due to which only his mother used to run the house, that time was very difficult for Pragati.

Pragati first supported her mother by lending her voice for cartoon characters. Then later Pragati Mahavadi came to Chennai with her mother where she started working in films. After playing the role of the protagonist’s mother in the film “Emindi Iweala“, Pragati was highly praised and for this she received the prestigious Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Pragati Mahavadi got married after getting success in her acting career and after marriage, she stayed away from acting for 3 years but after 3 years she restarted her acting career by acting in TV serials in three different languages.

Name Pragati Mahavadi
Age 47 Years Old
Date of Birth 17 March , 1976
Birth Place Ulvapadu , Prakasam , Andhra Pradesh
Religion Hindu
Gender Female
Profession Acting
Height 5 Feet , 4 Inches
Weight 67 Kg
Marital Status Married
Nationality Indian


School High School , Chennai
College / University University in Chennai
Qualification Graduation

Pragathi Mahavadi Career

Pragathi Mahavadi Career
Pragathi Mahavadi Career

Pragati started her acting career as a dubbing artiste. Due to which Pragati started appearing in many advertisements and meanwhile she entered the world of films. , His debut in the film industry was with the film “Veetla Visheshanga” which was well received by the people. In the film world, Pragati has played the roles of mother, wife and sister-in-law very well.

When Pragati entered films, she lived in Chennai. When Pragati Mahavadi was 17 years old, she was introduced as the lead actress in “Veetala Visheshanga” by Bhagyaraj which was successful. After this success, Pragati played the lead role in seven more films. After which Pragati did not work in any film for 3 years.

But after 3 years, Pragati again entered the film world, when she was 23 years old and since then till now, Pragati is playing a supporting role in the film world. Pragati Mahavadi has reached here after facing a lot of hardships in her life. Which is no less than an inspiration for the people.

Pragati Mahavadi Awards

Pragathi Mahavadi Awards
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Pragati has gained recognition in the film industry due to her talent and amazing beauty. Pragati received the Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actress along with praise for her outstanding performance in the film “Yamendi Ee Vela“. Which showcased Pragati Mahavadi as a good actress among the people.

Pragati Mahavadi Telugu Movies List

  1. Chirutha (2007)
  2. Lakshyam (2007)
  3. Kushi Kushiga (2004)
  4. Yamagolla Malli Modalayandi (2007)
  5. Athidhi (2007)
  6. Paurudu (2008)
  7. Bobby (2002)
  8. Nuvve Nuvve (2002)
  9. Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu (2002)
  10. Gangotri (2003)
  11. Samba (2004)
  12. Leelamhal Center (2004)

Apart from this, Pragathi Mahavadi has also worked in other Telugu movies.

Pragati Mahavadi Tamil Movies List

  1. Oleum Oleum (2009)
  2. Thyriyam (2010)
  3. Sabaash Sariana Potti (2011)
  4. Athathan (2011)
  5. Jayam (2003)
  6. ANTHONY Dude? (2009)
  7. Dhoni (2012)
  8. Markandeyan (2011)
  9. Veetala Vishanga (1994)
  10. Summa Erunga Scaffolding (1996)
  11. Vazga Jananayagam (1996)
  12. Pudhalvan (1997)
  13. Periya Marudhu (1994)
  14. Pandianin Rajayathil (1994) 

Apart from this, there are other Tamil movies in which Pragathi has worked.

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Pragati Mahavadi’s journey in the world of cinema is a testament to his talent. Starting as a dubbing artiste, she journeyed to make her mark as an actress Which is really commendable. We have given you all the necessary information related to Pragati Mahavadi in detail through this article. Like Pragati Mahavadi Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Height, Income etc.


Ans: Pragathi Mahavadi is an Indian actress who mainly works for Telugu films.

Ans: Pragathi Mahavadi's age is currently 47 years.

Ans: Pragathi Mahavadi's monthly earning is more than 1-2 lakh rupees.

Ans: Height of Pragathi Mahavadi is 5 feet, 4 inches.

Ans: Pragathi Mahavadi's date of birth is March 17, 1976.

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