OLIDA and Imdad Net Worth 2023, Youtube Earning, Age, Bio, Career and More

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OLIDA Vlogs and Vines youtube channel is created by two friends Olida and Imdad. This is a Pakistani youtuber who started this channel in the year 2018 and currently has 3.6 Million Subscribers. He keeps uploading videos like pranks, comedy sketches and challenges on his youtube channel.

OLIDA and Imdad Net Worth , OLIDA and Imdad
OLIDA and Imdad Net Worth

In this entire article, we will provide you all the necessary information related to OLIDA Vlogs and Vines like OLIDA And Imdad Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age etc.

OLIDA And Imdad Net worth

Olida and Imdad also earn well from this YouTube channel of theirs. His main source of earning is Google Adsense, Affiliate and Sponsorship etc. Currently Olida and Imdad have created two YouTube channels, one of them named “Olida Vlogs & Vines” and the other named “Imadat & Olida Vines“. He earns more than 4 lakhs every month from his 1 youtube channel. So his total net worth is in crores.

Name Olida and Imdad
Monthly Income Approx 8 Lakh +
Imdad Age 24 Year Old
Olida Age 25 Year Old
Nationality Pakistan

Olida and Imdad Youtube Income 

Olida and Imdad Youtube Income
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You can see the monthly and annual earnings of both the YouTube channels of Olida and Imdad in the above two images, although the earnings of many YouTubers keep fluctuating every year. You will get correct and accurate information on this website.

OLIDA And Imdad Biography

OLIDA and Imdad Bio , OLIDA and Imdad
Image Credit : Instagram

OLIDA whose real name is Zainab was born in Pakistan. He worked as a software engineer before becoming a youtuber.

Imdad was born in America and worked as a marketing manager before becoming a youtuber. OLIDA and Imdad met in college and started dating, after which they got married in the year 2014.

In the year 2016, Imdad and Olida started their own youtube channel. On which he started sharing information related to blogs, challenges and product reviews.

Currently both of them have two youtube channels in which one is named “Imadat & Olida Vines” which has more than 7 Lakh subscribers and the other one is “OLIDA Vlogs and Vines” which has 3.5 million subscribers.

Name OLIDA And Imdad
Gender Male and Female
Profession Youtubers
Religion Islam
Nationality Pakistan

OLIDA And Imdad Career

OLIDA And Imdad is a successful youtubers today who have gained millions of Subscribers but before this success, they started their career with a job, at that time Olida used to work as a software engineer.

So the same Imdad used to work as a marketing manager. Olida and Imdad got married in the year 2014 but before that they had met in college after which their conversation started.

In the year 2016, he started his youtube career and uploaded many funny and prank-like videos on youtube, which people liked a lot and people started joining his YouTube channel, as soon as he saw the number of his subscribers became in millions.

Overall, Olida and Imdad keep entertaining people today with their love and better mentality, it is also a source of inspiration for many people.

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Olida and Imdad keep entertaining people with their videos. It is also a source of inspiration for many youtubers who have gathered such a huge number of followers because of their good acting.

In the end, we hope that you have got every little information related to Olida and Imdad because we have explained in detail about Olida and Imdad net worth, Bio, Career in this entire article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Youtuber Imadat’s wife’s name is Zainab (Olida).

Ans: Imadat & Olida’s monthly earning from a youtube channel is around 8 lakh rupees.

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