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Nianna Guerrero is a young, lively personality who has made waves on the internet through her energetic dances filled with upbeat spirit. She was born on January 27, 2006, in the Philippines, and is popular for featuring in her brother’s dance videos, Ranz Kyle. They usually post dance covers and videos that appeal to millions of people around the globe.

With your charm and talent, Nianna has acquired a truly huge audience on such platforms as YouTube and TikTok. Moreover, she has dozens of awards that can rightly position her as one of the leaders in terms of the quality of content creation. That is why her ability to entertain and, at the same time, be in contact with its audience can be considered truly amazing.

Nianna Guerrero Net Worth

In 2024, Nianna Guerrero has a net worth of 3 million USD. This enormous sum earned in a very short period for the girl, as for a teenager, became possible thanks to the activities of a digital content creator. Dance and entertainment became not only the occupation, but also a source of income for Nianna.

Net Worth  $3 Million 
Income Source  Social Media and Sponsorships Combined

Nianna Guerrero Biography

Niana Guerrero Biography
Image Credit: Instagram

Nianna Guerrero was born in the city of Batangas, Philippines to her parents, Niño Guerrero and Elcid Evidente. Being born into a family of YouTubers, she was automatically exposed to the realm of social media. Hence, her first ‘debut’ in a dance cover video in 2011 became her career’s springboard.

Nianna’s breakthrough came in 2017 with her dance cover of “Despacito” that went viral and brought her first fame on YouTube. Since that video, she has been continuing to share her gift and often partners with her sisters and brother, performing different dance styles that reveal her potential.

Apart from her dance covers, Nianna diversified her content to include prank and challenge videos, making her more popular among the audience because of her being playful and innovative. Her love for what she does and staying relevant in the industry has facilitated her prominence.

Name Nianna Guerrero 
Age  18 Year Old 
Date of Birth  January 27, 2006
Birth Place  Batangas City, Philippines
Gender  Female 
Profession  YouTuber, Singer, dancing
Religion  Christianity
Nationality  Philippino


Little is known about Nianna’s school, but she is still studying even though she has begun building her professional career on the Internet. She also takes private lessons to improve her dancing and singing.

Nianna Guerrero Physical Stats

Height 4 Feet, 11 Inches (150 cm)
Weight Approx 37 to 40 KG 
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown

Nianna Guerrero Career

Niana Guerrero Career
Image Credit: Instagram

Nianna Guerrero’s professional journey is a combination of pure talent, dedication, and the might of social media. She began to dance as a child and discovered an opportunity to express her devotion to her art by sharing it online with people all over the world through platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. The videos of Nianna’s vibrant accompaniment dance, many of which were recorded with her brother, have collected millions of views and fans, growing into one of the top five content creators in the Philippines.

After making a name on YouTube, she ventured into more social media platforms. In 2019, Kyline Alacantara entered TikTok and did it with a big bang. Her dance videos on the platform were just as captivating as her performances on TV. As a result, she became the most followed TikTok personality in Philippines. Kyline’s influence has transcended social media to television. She has been hosted on various television shows and award events that have honored her for her contribution to transforming digital entertainment.

Nianna Guerrero Family

Nianna Guerrero family are showbiz and social media fans. Her dad, Niño, and mom, Elcid always helped her create videos and posts to upload online. She has three older step-brothers and sisters, and one younger sister, Natalia. Nianna, Ranz Kyle, and their other siblings liked to make fun things for their followers online.

Father Nino
Mother Elcid
Sister N/A 
Brother N/A 

Social Media Accounts


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Nianna Guerrero is a member of a new class of young people who harness the power of the internet to make what they love-love just another day job. She has the help of her family, makes good money and spends her time on social media sites. Through her success, Nianna makes it clear how great things can be achieved if you mix talent and the internet. She revels in her work, as an ace dancer and creator of new technologies.


Ans: Nianna Guerrero's age is 18 years.

Ans: Nianna Guerrero is currently single.

Ans: Nianna Guerrero's date of birth is January 27, 2006.

Ans: Nianna Guerrero's net worth is 3 Million dollars.

Ans: Nianna Guerrero's height is 4 Feet, 11 Inches.

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