Motorola Bendy Smartphone Launch Date in India

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Motorola is a Chinese company that manufactures smartphones. In the year 2023 they showed a new phone that can bend and when you open it it has a big and clear screen. This phone also has MotoAI which is a smart feature of this phone. The good thing about this phone is that it can be worn on your wrist like a watch. In this entire article, we will tell you when this phone will arrive in India and what it can do.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Launch Date in India

Motorola has been making these great and different phones for a long time. Now this company wants to sell this bent phone to the whole world, but they have not told when they will sell it. The specialty of this phone is that it can be worn on the wrist like a watch. Motorola has not yet given any time as to when this Motorola Bendy Smartphone will be launched in India. It is currently not possible to say.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Display

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Display

This Motorola smartphone is a 6.9-inch Android smartphone with a flexible poled display that can bend in multiple ways like wrapping around the wrist or standing upright. This phone will come in front of you with very fast refresh rate and high brightness. At present, this phone is not available for sale yet.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Battery

Motorola company is making a phone that can bend. But they have not told us what kind of battery it will have. Such phones need a battery that can also bend. But no company has made such a battery yet. Some experts say that the company is working hard to make this phone and they will soon tell us about the battery.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Features

Motorola Bendy Smartphone will have many modern AI features. Which is currently seen in expensive flagship phones, but apart from this, every possible feature will be provided by the company in this Motorola Bendy Smartphone. Let us tell you that there are many foldable and flip phones available in the market whose price is in lakhs, whereas Motorola is still silent on its price.


Motorola’s Bendy Smartphone is a concept device that demonstrates advances in display technology and the possibility of a flexible phone form factor. The smartphone features a 6.9-inch screen with a foldable, woven fabric back material and a wristband that can be used in various stand modes. However, it took a long time to reach the market due to the challenges of creating durable and flexible displays. I hope this article will help you a lot in understanding Motorola’s bendy smartphone better.


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