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Lichu Marwadi is a popular Indian comedian who is mainly popular on youtube. Lichu Marwadi’s real name is Lakshmi Narayan but he is most popular by the name of his youtube channel “Lichu Marwadi”. Lichu is a resident of Rajasthan in India who constantly tries to make people happy with his comedy.

Lichu Marwadi (Lakshminarayan) has struggled a lot in his life to achieve such huge popularity. We will give you all the important information related to Lichu Marwadi through this article like Lichu Marwadi Net Worth, Bio, Career, Income, Age etc. So you stay with this entire article till the end.

Lichu Marwadi Net Worth

The total wealth of Lakshmi Narayan i.e. Lichu Marwari is more than 1 crore Indian rupees. Along with this, his monthly income is around Rs 2 lakh. Most of Lichu Marwari’s earnings come from YouTube and social media. Lichu Marwari has become a successful person in his life. However, their net worth may change with time.

Net Worth 1 Crore
Monthly Income Approx 2 Lakh
Income Source Youtube , Social Media

Lichu Marwadi Biography

Lichu Marwadi Bio
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Lakshmi Narayan i.e. Lichu Marwari was born in the year 1994 in Bhavda, Nagaur, Rajasthan, India. Currently Lichu Marwari’s age is 30 years. Lichu was from a very poor family, you can guess from this that Lichu had to face a lot of difficulties for his studies, but despite this, Lakshmi Narayan’s parents sent him to school and college.

Lichu’s dream was to dedicate himself to serve the country i.e. Lichu wanted to become a soldier so that Lichu Marwari could serve his country but his dream remained unfulfilled. Due to which he had to listen to a lot of taunts from people. What differentiates Lichu Marwari from other people is his strong faith.

Due to which today Lichu Marwari’s name comes among the big and successful YouTubers. Lichu Marwari is a source of inspiration for all those youth who want to make their place in the digital world.

Name Lichu Marwari
Real Name Lakshmi Narayan
Age 30 Year Old
Birth Place Bhavda Nagaur, Rajasthan
Religion Hindu
Date of Birth 1994
Profession Youtuber , Comedian
Nationality Indian


School High School
College B.R Mirdha College, Nagaur, Rajasthan
Qualification B.A

Lichu Marwadi Career

Lichu Marwadi Career
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Lakshmi Narayan (Lichu Marwari) has achieved popularity as a big YouTuber and comedian after struggling a lot in her life. Lichu Marwari belonged to a poor family due to which he had to struggle a lot for his school and college studies. Lichu wanted to become a soldier, so after completing college, he started fulfilling his dreams.

But Lichu could not become a soldier even after a lot of struggle in his life, due to which he had to listen to the taunts of many people, but Lichu did not accept defeat in his life. Worked in many private companies so that Lichu could improve the financial condition of his house.

Eventually Lichu was successful in improving the financial condition of his house with time but Lichu wanted to make it even more successful. Due to which he thought of making his career in the digital world like YouTube, after which he started making comedy videos.

It is important to tell you that this was also not easy for Lichu because initially his videos were not getting views. Despite this, Lichu did not give up, due to which with time he paid attention to his comedy methods and mistakes and kept uploading videos continuously.

Gradually his videos started being watched by people and he also started getting love. This biography of Lichu Marwari is no less than an inspiration for millions of people. Today Lichu Marwari has become one of the big YouTubers of India.

Lichu Marwari Facts

  • Lichu Marwari wanted to serve the country as a soldier in his life.
  • Lichu Marwari’s life was full of struggle, yet Lichu had a big vision.
  • Lichu is mainly popular for his comedy videos.
  • Lichu Marwari has more than 6 lakh subscribers on YouTube.

Lichu Marwari Favorite Things

Color White, Green
Hobbies Comedy
Place Goa, Manali
Youtuber Bhuvan Baam

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Lichu Marwadi, whose real name is Lakshmi Narayan, is a resident of Rajasthan, India and is most popular for his comedy videos. He has struggled a lot for success in his life. Which is no less than an inspiration for millions of youth. In this entire article, we have given you all the important information related to Lakshmi Narayan (Lichu Marwari) like Lichu Marwadi Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age etc. Thank you for reading this article till the end.


Ans: Lichu Marwari is a popular Indian comedian. Who is a resident of Rajasthan.

Ans: Lichu Marwari's total net worth is more than Rs 1 crore.

Ans: Lichu Marwari's monthly income is more than Rs 2 lakh.

Ans: Lichu Marwari's age is 29 years.

Ans: Lichu Marwari's date of birth is 1994.

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