Junnu Ki Tech Net Worth 2023, Age , Height , Bio , Career and More

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People know Armaan Junaid Chaudhary more by the name of his Youtube channel “junnu ki tech”. He is an Indian YouTuber and Social Media Influencer. Who keep giving many updates related to earning on their youtube channel. At present, he has 2 Youtube channels on which there are millions of subscribers.

Junnu Ki Tech Net Worth , Junnu Ki Tech
Junnu Ki Tech Net Worth

In this entire article, you will get all the necessary information related to junnu ki tech i.e. Armaan Junaid Chaudhary. Like Junnu Ki Tech Net Worth, Biography, Height, Age, Career etc.

Junnu Ki Tech Net Worth

According to the information received about junnu ki tech i.e. Armaan Junaid Chaudhary, he earns more than 2 lakh rupees every month. They keep collecting information related to technology on their channel. Because of which his earning is also good, if we talk about his net worth, then he has made more than about 1 crore rupees.

Net Worth 1 Crore (Indian Rupees)
                             Name                     Armaan Junaid Chaudhary
                            Monthly Income                     2 Lakh +
                            Gender                     Male
                            Date of Birth                     13 April , 2002
                            Profession                      Youtuber
                            Height                       5’5″ ( 5 Feet , 5 Inches)
                            Weight                       Approx 70 Kg
                            Nationality                       Indian

Armaan Zunaid Choudhary Youtube earning

Friends, if you want to see the earning of any youtuber, whether it is Armaan Junaid Chaudhary, dushayan kukareja or any other youtubers, then you can easily see it on Socialblade.Com website.

Armaan Junaid Chaudhary earning
Image Credit : Social Blade

As you can see in this photo, the monthly youtube income of Junnu Ki Tech i.e. Armaan Junaid Chaudhary is $11000. So the same annual earning is approximately $13000 which is approximately 9.6 Lakh in Indian currency.

Junnu Ki Tech Biography

Junnu Ki Tech Bio , Junnu Ki Tech
Image Credit : Instagram

Armaan Junaid Chowdhary was born on 13 April 2002 in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Now his age is 21 years. After his schooling, he did a diploma but the passion to become famous was already there in him. After which he chose YouTube for earning.

On 24th June 2017 he started his youtube channel “JUNNU KI TECH” after that he started uploading videos on his youtube though initially he didn’t get that many views but he kept patience and started improving methods of understanding done. After which he also got success with time.

Armaan Junaid has become a source of inspiration for many by achieving huge success on YouTube at a young age. He also has more than 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Armaan Junaid is also active on social media. 

Name Armaan Junaid Chaudhary
Age   21 Years Old
Birth Place Muzaffarnagar ,Uttar Pradesh ,India
Gender Male
Date of Birth 13 April , 2002
Marital Status Unmarried
Nationality Indian

Junnu Ki Tech Career

Armaan Junaid Chowdhary (Junnu Ki Tech) started his career in YouTube after completing his studies. Initially he created some of his YouTube channels and uploaded videos on it, but he did not get success, but during this he learned a lot from YouTube.

After which in the year 2017, he started his YouTube channel with the current name “Junnu Ki Tech”. On which they keep telling ways to earn from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and keep giving new updates.

At present, he has made two channels on YouTube. The name of one is “Junnu Ki Tech” and the other is “Creator Bano”. Both his channels are marching ahead with time, which is the result of his hard work.

Overall, Armaan Junaid Chaudhary, the creator of Junnu’s Tech YouTube channel, with his hard work and patience, has included his name in the big YouTubers today, which has become a source of inspiration for many Indians.

Social Media Account

                    Instagram            Click Here
                    Youtube             Click Here


Junnu Ki Tech (Armaan Junaid Chowdhary) made his place in the hearts of people with his hard work and patience. Along with this, people give a lot of importance to his unique way of understanding in each of his videos, which separates him from others.

Finally, we believe that you would have got all the necessary information related to Junnu Ki Tech (Armaan Junaid Chowdhary) from this entire article like Armaan Junaid Chowdhary Net Worth, Bio, Career, Height, Age etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

The owner of Junnu Ki Tech YouTube channel is Armaan Junaid Chaudhary.

Armaan Junaid Chaudhary is a famous youtuber.

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