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Ishan Sid, who runs YouTube under the name of Ishan Monitor, is a popular YouTuber and blogger. Whenever the name of India’s big YouTuber comes, then Ishaan Sid is also included in it. At present he has 4 youtube channels. In which he has more than 1 million subscribers on his three YouTube channels, Ishaan Constitution on one channel, blogging on the second and technology on the third i.e. Ishaan Monitor channel and health related information on the fourth.

Ishan Monitor Net Worth , Ishan Monitor
Ishan Monitor Net Worth

We will give you all the information related to Ishaan Sid like Ishan Monitor net worth, bio, career, age height etc in this entire article.

Ishan Monitor Net Worth

Apart from Ishan Monitor, Ishan Sid has 3 more channels, in which one is named Ishan Guru and the other is named Ishan LLB and the third is named Ishan Health, Ishan Sid is earning from all four YouTube channels. If we talk about his total net worth, then it is more than about 5 crores. However, their net worth may be more or less because there are fluctuations in net worth over time. According to the information, his earning is above 2.5 lakhs only from Ishan Monitor youtube channel. Ishan Sid’s main source of earning is google adsense, sponsorship ,affiliate.

Name Ishan Sid
                              Age                            28 Year Old
                        Monthly Income                           5 Lakh +
                        Gender                           male
                        profession                       Youtuber , Blogger
                        Height                       5’9″( 5 Feet , 9 Inches)
                        Weight                       76 Kg Approx
                        Nationality                       Indian

Ishan monitor youtube Earning

Through the Socialblade.Com website, you can get information about youtube earning of any youtuber whether it is Ishan Monitor or Youtuber Ankush Kasana or any other youtuber.

Here you can see all four youtube earnings of youtuber Ishan Monitor (Ishan Sid).

Ishan Monitor Youtube earning
Image Credit : Social Blade

As you can see in this photo, the monthly income of all four YouTube channels of Ishan Sid is approximately $54000, which is approximately 4 to 5 lakh rupees in Indian currency. So his annual earning from YouTube is $64K which is 46 to 50 lakh rupees in Indian rupees.

Ishan Sid Biography

Ishan Monitor Bio , Ishan Monitor
Image Credit : Instagram

People know Ishan Sid less by his name but more by his YouTube name Ishan Guru, Ishaan Monitor. Born in 1995 in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, Ishaan Sid did his schooling from a school near his home, then studied law from a college in Lucknow.

Before venturing into the digital world, Ishaan Sid worked as a legal advisor for some time. Then he started a channel on youtube to make his career. In the beginning, he gave information about technology and finance in his videos.

Then as his popularity increased, he started his more channels, currently he has 4 channels on which he keeps sharing information on different topics. The names of his four YouTube channels are Ishan Monitor, Ishan Guru, Ishan LLB, Ishan Health.

His ability to explain in a simple manner in each of his videos has given him millions of subscribers on his channel. Due to which he is included in the big YouTuber of India.

Name Ishan Sid
                                  Age                               28 Year Old
                             Birth Place                               Uttar Pradesh
                             Date of Birth                                 1995
                             profession                            Youtuber , Blogger
                              Height                           5’9″ ( 5 Feet , 9 Inches)
                              Relegion                                     Islam
                              Nationality                                     Indian

Ishan Monitor Career

Ishan Monitor Career , Ishan Sid
Image Credit : Instagram

Ishan sid, who has become India’s biggest youtuber today, started his career as a legal advisor. But he did not feel like doing this work, due to which he started his youtube career.

In the year 2015, he first started a channel on youtube by the name of “Ishan Guru“. On which he started uploading videos related to technology, which started growing slowly, then after that he started his second YouTube channel in the year 2016, on which he uploaded videos related to law, finance and current affairs, then his third channel Ishan Monitor came. which is their biggest channel today.

However, there are millions of subscribers on all their channels and they keep uploading videos on all their channels.

Overall, Ishan sid has become a big youtuber today because Ishan is passionate about his work. He has gained a lot of respect from the people by giving information in his simple language on his channel.

Ishan Sid Youtube Channels

                   Ishan Monitor                      Click Here
                   Ishan LLB                       Click Here 
                   Ishan Guru                       Click Here
                   Ishan Health                       Click Here 

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Ishan Sid is today a source of inspiration for many because of his hard work and ability to connect with people. He has achieved great success in the digital world.

We hope that you would have got a lot of help from this entire article because we have given all the necessary information related to Ishan Monitor (Ishan Sid) in this entire article like Ishan Monitor Net Worth, Biography, Career, Height, Age etc.

FAQ – Youtuber Ishan Monitor

Ans : Ishan Sid has total four youtube channels.

  1. 1. Ishan Monitor
  2. 2. Ishan Guru
  3. 3. Ishan LLB
  4. 4. Ishan Health

Ans: Ishan Sid’s total net worth is more than 5 crore rupees.

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