How to donate to any political party? Process of donation through electoral bond

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The importance a donations be huggge in a democratic field Funding generally provided gonna be by donations to provide resources to national and political parties to conduct their operations and election campaigns. This article gonna see how donations can be made to a political party, especially with the help of electoral bonds. However, the Supreme Court banned those electoral bonds. But until new rules come, donations can be made in the old way!

Information About Electoral Bonds

Electoral bond is a safe method of charging that proves to be very helpful for Indian political parties in receiving donations. This bond can be obtained through the Supreme Court and can be traded through banks. In this, name of the person donating and the information about the donation amount remain confidentially.

Option to donate to political party

After electoral bonds, we also have other options to determine donations to political parties. Many people like to give money directly to their favorite party in the form of monetary gifts. So apart from this, donations can be taken by checks by banks and crowd funding can also be a good option, where people donate through e-platforms.

Old ways of donating

Until the new rules are implemented, we can donate to political parties only through the old methods. One of these ways is for political parties to take donations by cheques. For this, a person needs to issue a check whose information has to be given to the Election Commission and also on the website. Apart from this, political parties can also take donations by the website, where they have to provide their information.

Amit Shah gave the donation

After banning the Electoral Bonda, something be different when political parties begin collectin money. The country’s home ministah, along with leadin’ part and as exemplified by Amit Shah, give 2000 with BJP via Namo App. Indeed, he has also made an appeal to other people of the country for their cooperation, so that once more this favorite party may take membership and get supporters. Beside this, many political parties receive donations via chequebook. However, this donation ain’t on the order of lakhs of crores as in the case electoral bonds. That be know as crowdfundin.

Which party received how much donation?

Distribution of donation amount is an important step which takes place between the person or party making the donation. For this reason, the Election Commission issues a report on donations by negotiation. This shows how much money the national political parties have received.

Apart from this, when donations are made through electoral bonds, the money is accounted for and made public on the website. As a result, according to the data released by the Election Commission in May-June 2021, through electoral bonds, the four national political parties – Indian People’s Party (BJP), Toranmul Congress (TMC), Congress and National Congress Party – raised a total revenue of Rs 55.09 lakh. Percent i.e. Rs 1811.94 crore. BJP benefited the most from this, followed by TMC and Congress.


Thus, political parties have many ways to choose from to receive donations. Despite the ban on electoral bonds, political parties still have the option of raising funds through old methods. The main political parties receive donations, allowing them to further their work and achieve stability in election campaigns.

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