Breaking News: Hero Maverick 440 Delivery Begins

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After its recent launch, deliveries of the Hero Maverick 440 have begun, making a significant impact in the high-end bike sector. Read the full article to get more updates on this new model soon.

Hero Maverick 440 Bike

Hero MotoCorp’s Maverick 440 has given a new hope to bike lovers. Attention has been paid to its design and performance. This is a new addition to the premium segment bikes, which not only looks great but its power is also better than other bikes.

Hero MotoCorp Executive Chairman Pawan Munjal has given a big signal by announcing the delivery of his bike ‘Maverick 440’. Seeing this it is clear that the company has full confidence in this bike. ‘Maverick 440’ has shown a new path of hope in this segment and has inspired the customers.

Hero Mavrick 440 Powerful Engine

The company has used a powerful 440 cc engine in this bike. This engine provides power of 27 bhp and torque of 36 Newton meters. The engine of this bike was exclusively focused on low-end wood. Helps low-end electric vehicles to go fast in low gears only.

Hero Mavrick 440 Features

  • This bike has 43mm telescopic fork and 7-step adjustable twin shocks at the rear which help in enjoying a comfortable ride on every road.
  • Keeping safety in mind, the Hero Mavrick 440 has front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS. These brakes perform brilliantly in all conditions and give you confidence.
  • Hero Mavrick 440 has more than 35 connected features which make it an excellent and modern bike. LED lights, digital speedometer, and other features provide you comfort and safety while riding.

Hero Mavrick 440 Price

Hero Mavrick 440 Price
Hero Mavrick 440 Price

Hero Mavrick 440 not only fits in your budget in terms of price but is also powerful in terms of features. This bike comes in three variants – base, mid and top.

Know the price, if you have to buy a base variant you can buy the base variant in Rs 1.99 lakh ex-showroom price, if you want more features you can buy mid variant in Rs 2.14 lakh ex-showroom price, and if you want a bike which have a top-level engine and all features, than you buy a top variantPrice of Rs 2.24 lakh ex-showroom price.

So, take your time, consider the options and choose the Hero Mavrick that best suits you and suits your budget and needs.


Hero MotoCorp has launched a great bike in the Indian market. This bike will impress in the premium bike range.The launch of this bike is set to take place on early November 2024. I hope you got the best information from this article, please share this article with your colleagues.

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